Happy Sundays: Who says romance is dead?

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In a society where your best chance of meeting someone is buried in the depths of online interaction and vanity-based dating apps, you can’t help but think that romance is well and truly dead. I can’t tell you how many times my faith in romance has faltered and I have resorted to dating apps like Tinder. I find the confidence to swipe right only to be scared off by some lad telling me he wants me to be his toes so he could bang me off all of the furniture – my god, did that one made my toes cringe.

But worry not, my friend, my faith in romance has been restored. This week, something completely brilliant and, to me, utterly unheard of happened.

A friend and I were walking along a road – tired from essays, hot from the humidity and with yesterdays make up on. Not in any position to be approaching a potential date, that’s for sure. Mid-conversation and mid-step, we are stopped in our tracks by a young man who has actually ran quite a way to catch us up.

Now, my first thought is ‘Can we help you? Is he asking us to fill out a survey?’ I look at my friend who, without a doubt, is just as confused by this absolute stranger standing before us as I am.

Brace yourselves, this is where it gets good. The boy introduces himself, says hello and, I kid you not, proceeds to explain that he saw my friend, thought she was amazing and just had to come and speak to her. At this point, I’m squealing. Who on earth does this?

His friend soon joins us, he’d been abandoned in the pursuit of love. We then proceed to make casual chitchat to let Lothario over here make his move – perfect wingmen if you ask me.

After an exchanged phone number and three handshakes with the friend, we say our goodbyes and carry on with our walk, utterly astonished.

I can’t help but wonder, if we all set down our phones and stopped swiping left, would we just take the plunge and run after beautiful people, too? Are dating sites, masked as a way of extending the dating pool, actually stopping us from noticing the people passing us in the street?

Should we all start embracing the world around us and approach perfectly good strangers? Compliment someone, ask someone out, strike up a conversation in a coffee shop. Whether you get a date or not, you’ve made someone’s day. Maybe this brave young man will push me to reach out to people in the real world and maybe it won’t. But after this, I truly believe that it’s those who run that keep romance alive.

Beth xo