Things I Want To Do When I Turn 22


Since finishing university, I’ve felt that my life has fallen into a bit of a rut. My days of late night studying, late nights partying and the constant struggle to have the best or most ridiculous costume on a Wednesday are, unfortunately, no more. It’s time to put down the glitter glue and grow up (wah).

And I feel like I’m flailing a little.

I’m applying to every job I think I have a shot at – whether I genuinely want it or not.
I’m working every shift at my part-time job and yet I’m struggling to save any money.
I’m hopping on trains here and there to catch up with friends and I’m going out for lunch as often as I can – just so I can feel in touch with my long-lost social life (baby, come back to me).

But I haven’t got a plan.

I realised recently that the reason those post-uni blues are hitting so hard is because I’ve placed so much pressure on myself to magically find the fabulous full-time job of my dreams and to settle into adult life almost instantly. Yet, I have no idea how I’m even suppose to do that. I don’t even know if that’s what I want right away.

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I am currently in life limbo. I have no commitments or responsibilities. I’ve finished education and am yet to sell my soul to the pits of full-time employment. I could, quite honestly, do anything if I wanted to.

And to do that I realised I need to be more deliberate in my plans and intentions for my life; set out my wants and goals. Decide what it is I want and then figure out how I can make that happen. And oh boy, do I love an excuse to write a list.

And so, I have compiled a list of all the things I intend to do when I turn 22 (shout out to Tay Tay up in here). This gives me time to knuckle down, save up and make things happen.

  1. Travel – ever since watching Eat, Pray, Love I have always wanted to escape to Bali and spend time focusing on myself. While my time at university helped me grow confidence, I want to step further out of my comfort zone and explore life beyond essays. I am a massive home buddy. I love a good ol’ cuppa tea whilst watch First Dates with my cat. So, leaving that behind for a while will certainly be a bit of a shock to the system, but it might be exactly what I need to inspire some get-up and go. To make this a little more specific, I intend on visiting 5 different destinations.
  2. Focus on my well-being – now, more than ever, I’ve truly got some time to focus on my body and mind. Years of stress and education has left me feeling completely burnt out. I want to eat better, do better and try new things. I’ve recently embraced vegetarianism; something I see as a positive lifestyle change that I’m proud of. I’ve never been a fan of exercise, but I want to embrace a healthier lifestyle. I’ve considered yoga for years, but have never found the place or time to do it. or I could take up belly-dancing or something exotic, who knows.
  3. Sky dive – For years now, I have wanted to do the completely sensible and safe act of jumping out of a plane and plummeting to the earth. I can’t imagine something that could be more freeing and exhilarating and probably more vomit-inducing than this. I feel like finally crossing something so big off my list would be liberating in itself – and I could always raise some money for charity.
  4. Start to learn a language – I have wanted to learn a language for years. I failed miserably at GCSE French and it put me right off. I haven’t decided which language yet, but I feel like French and Italian are the most beautiful languages I’ve encountered. (Again, very Eat, Pray, Love of me. I just want to be Julia Roberts. Who doesn’t want to be Julia Roberts.) Learning a language is just another thing that would embrace me to travel and immerse myself in another culture and country and, who knows, it could open up some new opportunities that I might not otherwise have.

Voilia, there it is. The list of things I want to do when I turn 22. Now it’s out in the world and people can see it. So if it doesn’t happen, you can all tell me off for being lazy.

Are you feeling a little stuck, too?
How are you going to break out of your rut?

Beth xo



22 thoughts on “Things I Want To Do When I Turn 22

  1. thephotoguidebook says:

    Eat, Pray, Love is literally one of my favorite movies!! I’m a college sophomore–I’m going into my sophomore year–and reading this post kinda prepared me for the future. But while I was in school, I kinda felt like I was in the same rut, ironically.

  2. thephotoguidebook says:

    To break out of my rut, I think starting a creative project would be fun, like writing a novel or making something handmade and selling it on Etsy if you’d like. 😊💜

    • elizabethferguson says:

      I feel like my blog is that for me! It’s still so new and I’m loving putting time and energy into it. I’ve never even been able to keep a journal or diary before so it’s definitely something I’ve never done before! xo

      • thephotoguidebook says:

        Oh yeah! For some reason, journaling just seems so time consuming. Plus, I notice when I journal, I keep going back to the negative things and it’s not good vibes when I journal. Haha do you feel the same way?

  3. thebigblankspace says:

    This has inspired me to make a plan, as I know I’m going to be in the exact same situation when I’ve finished! Love the positive outlook and will be great to have the opportunity to try new things 🙂

    • elizabethferguson says:

      Thanks so much for reading! It’s definitely not a bad position to be in, you’ll have so much time to do new things and chase opportunities. Just got to set things in motion! Good luck! x

  4. Alice says:

    Yesssss I want to do a sky dive as well, although the thought of it makes my palms go clammy haha! I hated the limbo feeling after uni, just keep at it with the job hunting, you’ll find something eventually!

  5. littlelattelibrary says:

    I’m dreading finishing uni and haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m going to do as soon as the graduation cap is plonked on. Seems like everyone’s got it figured out, so I’m glad I’m not the only one! Inspiring and motivating post! Hope everything goes okay 🙂

    • elizabethferguson says:

      Don’t worry, I think most people have absolutely no idea what we’re supposed to be doing at this point but we all just pretend we do because everyone else seems to know aha! I’m glad this post made you feel like you’re not alone! Thank you for reading and good luck to you too, I wish you all the best xo

  6. Career Girl says:

    Lovely post – yeah I have those exact feelings and I’m not a recent graduate anymore! Lululemon & Sweaty Betty offer free yoga/pilates classes you should look into – that’s how I got into it! Sounds cliche but it does wonders to de-stress! Also bohobeautiful (youtube) yoga videos are really good! 🙂

    • elizabethferguson says:

      Thank you my lovely! And that’s so good, I’ll definitely have to look into that! Something I’ve always wanted to do! Always looking out for your fave fresher✌🏼️💁🏼 Thanks for reading xo

  7. Cathy (@OvernightBelle) says:

    I’m just going into my second year of uni and am already stressing about what I’ll do after graduating, so I can only imagine how you’ve felt! I feel like I relate to this so much, I’m also craving travelling and am trying hard to improve my health and wellbeing. For learning a language, have you heard of Duolingo? I’m trying to learn Spanish and its helping me improve without even realising I’m working on it! It tells me my fluency % too which always keeps me motivated 🙂

    Cathy |

    • elizabethferguson says:

      I think we all end up in this position eventually, no matter how much we try to plan and think about it beforehand. I’m just lucky my mum will always let me come home and support me so this time for me is a little easier to get through! I haven’t heard of that but I’ll definitely look into it! Knowing your fluency must be really helpful because it’ll be motivation it itself to see how much progress you’ve made! It feels utterly cliche but sometimes you’ve just got to take time out to ‘find yourself’ and travelling feels like it’d be so fulfilling. Thanks so much for reading and good luck for your second year, it was my best year at uni ☺️ Xo

  8. Sian says:

    I’ve got sky dive on my to-do list too! I’m determined to do it before the year is up, and have been thinking about just taking the plunge and booking it for a couple of months time so I can’t change my mind! I’m tempted to pay out for it to be filmed as well, just so I can have the evidence that I did it, haha 🙂

    PS It was great talking to you in the Girl Gang chat this evening!

    • elizabethferguson says:

      I so so want to do one and always have. I reckon you’ve just got to go for it, because once you commit you can’t back out! I reckon I’ll try and do it by next summer, so that it’s fairly nice weather. I’d absolutely love to have it filmed too, I can just imagine my face been blown about and screaming the whole way down! Thanks so much for the read and the comment! And you too, it was the first time I’ve really gotten involved and it made me feel so good to talk to such lovely people and find new blogs to read! I’ve followed you on bloglovin so I can have a proper scroll through tomorrow ☺️ xo

  9. milenkamillie says:

    This post has made me feel a little more positive and inspired me to make a list of goals before turning 24 ☺️I’m in the same position as you having just left uni and missing that lifestyle! Travel definitely seems like the best thing to do when you’re waiting for real life to start! x

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