An Ode to 2017

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2016 was, in my ever so humble opinion, just a little bit shit. While loads of people bossed the year either blogging, travelling or whatever it was they set their mind to, my year wasn’t quite what I expected or hoped it to be. My enthusiasm for blogging came in waves, I had my heartbroken for the first time, I moved back home with my mum after graduating from university, I continued to sell my soul to the pits of part-time retail employment and I even managed to get Mumps and an STI to top the whole thing off. Classy, I know.

So I stand before you a year older and none the wiser (except about the trials and tribulations of safe sex), and I’m about to attempt the biggest comeback since Britney post-2007.

Although I probably say it every year, I really want to make 2017 my year. This is the year to be an absolute #girlboss, or so my mum keeps telling me. Instead of finding happiness in my pursuit of the ever illusive perfect man, I am going to focus on little old me. My health and happiness, developing my blog, my search for a job, my attempt at dating (possibly, if I can brave it). And I’m obviously going to post about the whole thing on here and Twitter purely for your entertainment.

I think the issue with so many New Years resolutions is that they lack any kind of direction. Losing weight, making friends and being happy are all things we tell ourselves we’ll do and then by January 31st we realise nothing has changed and we feel just as lost as before. So, my resolution? To make small, realistic goals that actually have a method to them. Changing my approach rather than attempting to overhaul my entire life with the vague hope of “doing better”. Actually having milestones I can hit and progress I can actually measure. So, here’s a list of what I actually want to achieve:

1. Double my following on Instagram and Twitter and hit 500 followers on my blog. For me it’s not just about the numbers, they’re just a way of measuring my progress. But to make them grow I’ll need to post more and engage with people in the blogging world and that’s really what I want to do. Create and engage.
2. Go on a date – maybe. While I’m not too fussed on finding my big spoon just yet, it’ll be nice to know that I actually can put myself out there if I really bloody want to. I applaud people who go on dates left, right and centre without breaking a sweat and I hope that at some point I can overcome my fear of dating.
3. Read 26 books. I would love to tell you all I will read one book a week and smash an incredible 52 books this year, but I know that my motivation comes in waves and Netflix sometimes wins the battle with how I spend my down time, so that is just not going to happen. Therefore, I’ve set myself one book a fortnight to ease the pressure. If I smash it and manage to read more whilst also job hunting, working part-time and maintaining some sort of social life, then I’ll give myself a well deserved pat on the back and have book reviews coming out of my ears.

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So, 2017, here’s to you. The year of fuck budgets, blogging goals and a personal journey. Where a bad day, week or month in no way means you can’t find your way back. Where happiness is found in self-acceptance and sticking to your bloody high standards. Where small successes every day are worth more than you could ever know. 2017 is a fuck off massive middle finger up at the shambles that was 2016. Taking control really hasn’t ever felt so good.

Between you and me, I really haven’t felt more like myself than I do right now. I feel confident and sure. I look in the mirror and I’ve never felt so banging. Right now, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Sure self doubt can wade in sometimes, but I feel ready to take 2017 on. Now, who’s with me?

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Beth xo